Top 5 Best waffle maker reviews [2018 edition]

best waffle maker reviews

The sheer variety of these wonderful waffle maker machines can be a tad confusing to choose the most appropriate waffle maker– with many models released in 2017 itself. It is important to read through the best waffle maker reviews before purchasing so that you get the best value for the money.

Waffles are a widely prevalent snack in almost all nations in the whole world especially in Belgium which claims to have around twelve regional recipes – hence the infamous popularity of Belgian waffles. This scrumptious crunchy waffle can be loaded with any number of toppings, based on the individual’s taste – honey, maple syrup, ice cream, chocolate – you name it! Today, there are quite a number of brands which sell waffle makers that are available on the market making it possible to have waffles right from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want – no need to go to a restaurant! And with the advent of online shopping, it has become really easy to buy the best waffle maker for home use in digital shopping websites like Amazon.

What Is A Waffle Maker- A Brief History!

Waffles have been a part of Belgium culinary for ages which are now found and enjoyed all around the world. With time new recipes, topping and tastes have evolved the traditional Belgium waffles but the basic method behind the waffle making remains same.

Birth of waffles

This century old dish has gone through many changes and so has its cooking tools.

  • In ancient times waffles were made by heating the waffle batter directly on flames or in a furnace similar to the cakes. This was during Neolithic and Iron age, when iron use was not so pronounced.
  • As time progressed, human technology evolved, the iron came into existences and was later used in making the traditional waffle irons. These traditional waffle maker irons were stovetop type, that is, they used stove flames to heat and prepare the waffle batter inside them.
  • They mainly gained popularity between 13th and 16th centuries.
  • The seducing taste that these waffle irons imparted made the fame of waffles grow exponentially. With time, along the migrants from Europe, the waffles passed on to the world which now exists as an iconic snack which can be eaten any time of the day.

Traditional way

Even though electric mode waffle makers are now used but the traditional thin Belgian waffle, made like olden times can be found in many parts of the world.

  • The traditional maker is made up of two iron plates, hinged together to form book like structure. Each plate has a wooden handle at the end.
  • The batter is poured in the grid spaces between the plates and the hot plates close tightly together.
  • The waffle thickness depended on the shallowness of the grids on the plates.
  • The final step involves the waffle iron being heated in a hearth furnace to heat the batter evenly to produce a perfect waffle.
  • Later on, as the furnace became impracticable, waffle vendors, during the mid-16th century, used stove flames to heat the waffle iron.

Start of a new beginning

With the gift of electricity, the older stove-style cooking started becoming obsolete. In the year 1911, the general electric company in the United States released it’s first designed waffle maker that used electric energy, unlike the traditional stovetop waffle makers. The profits earned due to commercial production of these makers sky-rocketed.

New era with new design

  • In today’s date traditional waffle maker stovetop irons are still available but are preferred by very few as its time consuming and also pose difficulty in preparation.
  • The new waffle makers that are now available in the market are based on the same principle design as the first one, but now also have many new additional features.
  • The material that is now being used for the new design is light, durable and easy to clean. The greatest advantage is the Teflon material that is now being used, which increases the life of the waffle maker and also helps with the cleaning.
  • Another feature that essential to all waffle makers is the safety feature.
  • Traditional stove-top waffles irons used to get hot and so, posed a risk of burning. Even now the electric design can pose shock risk. Therefore it was found necessary to add safety features like thermostat and overload trip feature in order to make them safe to be used by anyone.

Waffles as a Healthy Food

A Sunday morning “Waffle Breakfast” is amazingly delicious option. Decadent Belgian waffles are drool-worthy. Hassle free, tasty and healthy. But, should we have waffles more than an occasional indulgence? Other than that, how healthy Waffles actually are? If prepared with certain moderation and very few simple ingredient replacements, Waffles can be one of the best selections you can go for. Let’s have a look at its dietary offerings.

Waffles-as-a-Healthy-Food-best waffle maker reviews

Nutritional Value:

According to the American Dietetic Association, a perfect diet should have a healthy balance of all the nutritional attributes. Waffles contain a whole lot of fibers, calories, vitamins, proteins and a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. But, if consumed on a daily basis, it can pose a few major risk factors as well. To be on the safe side, do not consume waffles more than an occasional treat. Due to high amount of fibers, fat content and sodium content, if consumed every day, can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and other hazards.

Healthy Moderation:

Waffles are a great choice but a few tweaks during preparation, can turn it in to an even “healthier” intake. Most of the waffles that we had are made up of white flour. Replace the white flour with whole grains or buckwheat flour to boost the nutritional factor. As white flour is a major cause of obesity, whole grains helps to improve your digestion and immunity. In 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, half of the amount of grains that we consume should be whole grains. Refined grains are stripped out of the fiber that whole grains provide.

Usage of low saturated fat oils such as canola oil or Omega 3 fatty acid rich oils are also recommended. Usage of egg whites instead of whole egg will also help in reducing extra calories as egg whites are very rich source of protein. While preparing the batter, use toned milk as milk is an excellent provider of calcium and toned milk will help you to reduce the additional fat. Avoid usage of too much sugar as excessive carbohydrates can create chances of stroke and heart disease.

Wholesome Additions:

Consuming waffles with sugar syrup is generally a preferred choice but not a healthy one. Maple syrup, whipped cream, powdered sugar and there are multiple options that we go for when we think of waffles. But these ingredients are not that suitable as you think they are. Lower sugar intake, honey, bananas, apples and a cut-down on extra sweet condiments lessens unnecessary calories as it results in weight gain. Consumption of 25 grams for women and 37.5 grams for men is actually the recommended amount of added sugar for daily intake. Add-ons such as berries and yogurt enhance the overall dietary significance and complete a healthy breakfast.

In short, waffles are great breakfast partners and a healthier replacement for other frozen or harmful alternatives, if prepared properly. With nutritional ingredients, you can always prepare a wholesome and healthy diet. Keep an eye for the additions, as some can give avoidable calories while other provides you the vitamins you need.

Tips to make perfect Waffles in your waffle maker

We all love food, don’t we? While many of us love cooking, others prefer eating. No matter which category we belong to, we all deserve a healthy meal. When we talk about breakfast, pikelets, pancakes, french toast and waffles are something we love to gobble. All of these are fantastic ideas with a side of fruits and some delicious syrup.

You only get the satisfaction eating a waffle when it is cooked the way it has to be cooked. A perfect waffle can be described as light, airy, and fluffy with a crispy texture on the outside.

In my best waffle maker reviews i provide you some tips to make some mouth-watering waffles.

  1. The Waffle Maker:

    Waffle Makers come in various sizes, shapes, and models. Flip Waffle Makers are better as you can flip the waffle maker so that the raw batter doesn’t form into lumps on one side of the waffle. Make sure to choose a waffle maker with a non-stick surface to save the hassle of cleaning.

  2. The batter:

    While preparing the mixture, be sure to use separate bowls for the wet and dry ingredients. The batter should be thin enough to fill in the mould comfortably when you pour it into the mould. There are more chances of getting a crispier waffle with a thinner batter.

  3. Be gentle:

    When you’re mixing the mixture, make sure to pour the wet ingredients over the dry ingredients and then use a spatula to fold them through. Avoid using an electric beater even though it’s easier compared to using a utensil.

  4. Control fat:

    If you thought that making waffles with butter or shortening is tasty, think again. Adding vegetable oil can make waffles tastier and healthier than when made with butter or shortening.

  5. Milk or buttermilk:

    While cooking waffles, cakes, pancakes, etc., we prefer to use milk. For making crispier waffles use half portion of milk and half portion of buttermilk.

  6. Grease:

    Even though you’re using a waffle maker with a non-stick surface make sure to grease the mould. For the first few waffles, you might need to grease the surface repeatedly in between the first few waffles.

  7. Flavor:

    To enrich your waffle eating experience, add a hint of vanilla essence or amaretto which gives your waffle a burst of flavor. You might not even need syrup or butter.

  8. The Test Waffle:

    Check your waffle maker’s settings and make a test waffle so that the waffles that you make after come out perfectly. This waffle will tell you the perfect temperature settings, the amount of grease you should use and the time for cooking the waffle.

  9. The Toppings:

    Toppings are the best part of making waffles. You can add fruits, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, butter, honey, etc. While adding, the toppings make sure they are not cold or too hot. Toppings are best when served on waffles at room temperature.

These are a few tips to make your waffles perfect. Although simple recipes are easier and faster, be sure to experiment with your cooking to discover many hidden benefits.

How to use a Waffle Maker

If you love waffles and feel like cooking some for yourself, you’re at the right place! Here, you’ll learn all the tips n’ tricks required to use a waffle maker properly. Ready the batter for cooking.

If you are to go from scratch, you’ll need to mix together all the ingredients. It’ll take time and probably be more expensive. For flavor, try adding vanilla, cinnamon, or almond extract, or maybe chilly flakes, if you like your breakfast a tad spicy!

Tip #1: Add a bit of oil to the mix, so that the waffles are cooked crisp, golden brown and get easily released from the iron.

Oil the waffle iron
Although the waffle iron is treated with a durable non-stick PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene, also commercially branded as Teflon) coating, prior to first use, it is advantageous to grease the grids with spray oil. Applying just a light coating of oil with a paper towel or pastry brush is sufficient to do the trick. Now, close the clamshell and plug in the Waffle maker.

Pre-heat the waffle iron
Next, heat up your Waffle Maker for approximately four minutes. Usually, an indicator located on the top of the waffle maker lights up once the iron is fully heated to let the user know it’s ready for use.

Tip 2#: Do this ONLY for the first waffle of each baking session.

NOTE: If it happens to be the first use of waffle maker, it may emit a scant odour and smoke a little. However, this is a normal occurrence innon-stick appliances.

Pour in the batter
Always keep the waffle maker on a flat surface (to prevent it from sliding away too acutely) and away from the kitchen sink or any water source. Also, in case the batter leaks, place a paper towel under the waffle iron to prevent spillage. Once the iron grids have been preheated,carefully open the clamshell of the waffle maker.

WARNING: Never touch the iron cooking surface or the metal coil located at the back of the waffle maker with bare hands, as these happen to be extremely hot and can burn your skin.
Always pour the batter in the middle using a heat-resistant spatula and spread it evenly across the Waffle grids. Then, close waffle maker’s lid. After a while, there will be steam escaping from the side and you will notice the iron’s top slightly rise from the batter’s expansion due to the gas formed inside.

Tip #3: Make sure that the mix covers no more than half of the lower cooking surface. This is done to ensure that there isn’t excess batter to expand and leak from the sides.

Wait for the waffle to be cooked completely
After closing the lid, the indicator may turn on/off, remain as such for seconds and then cycle off. Once the indicator light turns back on again, the waffle is prepared. In case no indicator happens to be installed on the waffle maker, once you notice the waffle peeking through the side, observe it for a while as it slowly becomes golden and crisp.

Open the lid carefully and examine the waffle
If it hasn’t been cooked properly, close the clamshell and wait. When both sides of the waffle appears golden brown, it is ready for removal. To remove the waffle, detach the edges gently with a heat-resistant spatula.

WARNING: Never use utensils made from stainless steel, as these may erode the non-stick coating. Always be careful as to not scratch this coating off because if the Teflon flakes somehow get in your waffle, they’ll damage your health significantly and once the non-stick coating is off, the waffles will end up sticking to the iron and thus get very difficult to remove.

Wipe the waffle iron clean
If you have to make additional waffles, repeat the above process if. It is not necessary to season the iron grids before cooking each new waffle. Once you have finished baking, always unplug the power cord from the plug. Allow the waffle iron to completely cool down before handling.

Tip 4#: Once the iron is cool, wipe the Teflon cooking surface with a washcloth on all sides to prevent the next batch of waffles from having charred impressions. Also, clean the sides of excess batter (if there was any spillage) and store the unit away.

How to clean a Waffle Maker

Delicious waffles with strawberry syrup is delightful for anyone,rather than having cereal breakfast. But in our home, to have it again for next time or repeatedly will depend upon the condition of the waffle maker and how quickly we are able to clean it for making next meal. Removing the sticky stuff off the waffle maker may be bothering and it depends upon the batter quality, type of heating surface of the waffle maker and aging. It is always advisable to do the cleaning, as per instruction manual, however the generic guidelines on cleaning is attempted to produce below.


External cleaning

For better outer look, clean the exterior surface of waffle maker with a soft cloth soaked in mild soap water and wrung out. If the surface is of stainless steel, wiping with a little vinegar to give a lustrous look is good.
It is unsafe to clean waffle maker with direct water of any sort, to avoid electrical parts damage.

Internal cleaning

The first act is to remove oil with dry paper towel and then clean batter lumps stuck on a waffle maker’s plate with a soft brush and spatula, but do not use any hard brush or tools.

For further cleaning, oil is the best choice because it leaves a protective layer on waffle plate and makes it non-sticky, but when we use soapy water, we are introducing chemical that is not good in the long run for the non-stick coating.

If the batter is found hard for removal, soaking it with cooking oil for a few minutes will soften it and make easier for wiping out with a cloth or paper towel.

In waffle maker with removal grid, cleaning process becomes easier provided the user manual did not prohibit soap water use. If the batter is harder to remove by brushing and soap water wipe, apply baking soda over the grid with a soft brush and scrub it until removal, clean the debris with cloth soaked in soap water. Then wipe out with plain water soaked cloth and dry it with a dry towel.

As a good practice, it is advisable to wipe waffle plate with soft paper towel, after every use which will keep it stain-free and prevents oil build up.


Unplug the waffle maker and cool it to room temperature before the cleaning process. Do not clean even when it is warm, though it may make cleaning easier but will damage the coated heating surface. If the surface is of ceramic material, you might get hurt due to the heat.
Do not immerse the waffle maker in water or expose to running water, since the water ingress might damage the electrical parts.

Things to consider for buying a best Waffle Maker:

Too much variety on the market can cause confusion and all the marketing ploys can veer you towards buying something you don’t want. So here’s a list of things you need to check off your list before purchasing a best waffle maker for home.

  1. Size of the waffle maker:

    They are available in several sizes, from small single-waffle moulds (small to medium sized waffles) to multiple-waffle moulds (large, bulky and costly). Based on your needs and the space available, decide which waffle maker to buy.

  2. Quantity of waffles:

    If you have a really large family, or you just simply love having waffles, it is advisable to consider investing in a multiple-waffles-at-once waffle maker, which is worth for the money.

  3. Shape of waffles:

    There are many products available on the market, especially in the year 2017,that produce heart-shaped or other irregular shaped waffles, and not the standard circle or square-shaped waffles.

  4. Waffle thickness:

    Shallow grid waffle makers will produce thin, crispy waffles, while deep grids will produce thicker ones, which may be crispy or doughy based on batter and time cooked. If purchasing online at Amazon, make sure to read product reviews before deciding.

  5. Surface material of the Grill:

    In traditional waffle-makers, the waffles would get stuck to the grill and removing and cleaning was a huge process. However, latest waffle makers from 2017 have better non-stick surfaces.

  6. Indicators:

    It is better to buy models which have light indicators- to show the heat of the machine and the stage of the waffle’s cooking. There also some waffle makers on the market that have beeping indicators.

  7. Thermostats:

    Yes, flexibility and versatility in waffle-making! Adjustable thermostats can let you choose whether you want crispy light waffles or crunchy dark ones. If you’re not sure whether the model has one, read the reviews section.

How to choose a best Waffle Maker

Mainly born in Belgium, in today’s date waffle has gained popularity as one of the most liked and enjoyed snack-bite throughout the globe. Prepared in various shapes, sizes and pattern, waffles are enjoyed by all ages alike. Keeping waffles made by professionals aside, they can also be prepared best in quality and in taste at home, all that’s needed are the waffle batter and a waffle make. The taste of home-made waffles largely depends on the latter, as it imparts that crispness and fresh flavors. So, here are some tips that we share, guiding you to pick up best and appropriate waffle maker which will help make your waffle a star attraction.

Preferred Size of waffles:

This is a basic thing that is considered first before getting into further details. Large varieties of waffle makers are available considering the size. Decide how large waffle maker you want, that is, if you have room to spare in the kitchen then larger one is not an issue otherwise smaller and compact one will be preferred.

The size of the waffle maker also reflects the size of the waffle that it makes each time. To put it simply large size maker will produce larger waffle then smaller one. Nowadays, new designs have emerged in market that provides sectional division in maker’s hot plate, allowing multiple waffles to be prepared at the same time.

Thickness of waffles you desire:

While purchasing waffle maker, check which type of waffles you would like to make. Dividing broadly, two types, depending on size are available. Shallow grid design waffle makes will make classic (thin) type, whereas, if you like comparatively thicker size waffles, then choose Belgian-Style makers which have a deep grid design.

Shapes and pattern you enjoy:

Waffle makers are available in large variety of pattern and shapes; these hardly affect the quality of the waffle being produced. To most, design of the waffles don’t matter much, but same can’t be said when you are making waffles for children.

Quality of the product:

Some products are durable as compared to others. To ensure selecting the best quality makers, compare their features. Grill surface quality must take preference. If the surface of the grill is not up to standards, the life of the maker will reduce and which in turn will also affect the quality of the waffles being made.

Cooking modes:

This is also an important feature which affects the type of waffle maker you buy. They can be either electric or stovetop irons. The basic difference between them is the mode of heating. In an electric waffle maker, the waffle batter poured between the hot plates is heated by the electric heating elements in the design. Whereas, in a stovetop type, the batter between the plates is prepared by keeping the waffle maker on the stove flame.

Budget in your pocket:

All is finally reduced to the money you can spend on the maker. But before spending, remember, it’s not necessary the costlier one is the better one.

Summing it all up, don’t consider the waffle make as equipment but as an ingredient of the waffle. Choosing the right maker will amplify the taste of the waffles. Bring the best to the table is a must when the family is a waffle fan.

Top Features describe in my best waffle maker reviews

Waffles are the favorite snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Born basically in Belgium, waffles can now be found in large varieties in countries all over the globe. Over the time and passing of the waffle recipes through many countries; taste, topping, the variety of waffles have diversified but the basis remains same. All that’s needed to make the best waffle are waffle batter, toppings, and a right waffle maker. A large variety of waffle makers are available in the market, but the one best suited for the job is found by comparing the features. So, next time when purchasing a waffle maker following features must be kept in mind.


Size of maker and room to spare:

Before buying a waffle maker, analysis the spare space you have in the kitchen. Large size makers will also require large space. Large size must also not be preferred if the maker is intended to be packed and moved to storage after every use.

Another factor that decides the size of waffle maker is the size of waffle you desire to make at home. Bigger waffles require a larger size maker. It will also be better to purchase large one if the number of people to be feed is more.


This feature that new design waffle maker incorporates, allows more than one waffle to be prepared at the same time. This feature is advantageous to mothers making waffles for their children and also where the time available for preparation is short.

Teflon Coat:

Teflon coated grid is a smart and useful feature that helps extend the life of the waffle maker. This coating present on the hot plate surface also prevents waffle from getting burn and also prevents the batter from getting stick to the surface. This coating also makes of easy to clean the maker after every use.

Electric Mode:

Years ago, when waffles were made in traditional style, stovetop waffle makers were used. Waffle batter was poured between the hot plates and then prepared by heating the maker on stove flame. Still, in today’s date same method is used in some place but is being made obsolete by new electric design waffle makers. These new design uses an electric heating element to heat the hot plate which in turn prepares the waffle. This feature has added to the ease of preparation and has also minimized the risk of burning associated with traditional stovetop type makers.

Flip Mode:

This feature is generally used in waffle makers used by professionals. But now as the price has dropped drastically, similar times can also be bought for the home. Flip mode feature in the waffle makers allows the waffle to be flipped 180 degrees without opening and doing it manually. This mode is perfect to ensure the waffle being prepared gets heated evenly and also that the batter gets distributed evenly to avoid holes appearing in the waffles. This feature is considered most useful and advantageous for optimizing the taste and preparation.

A good waffle maker with the best necessary features is equally important as the rest of the ingredients. Carefully choosing the right one will amplify the waffle’s taste, making it a star attraction.

Benefits of a waffle maker

Since our school days, we all have heard our mothers tell us not to forget to have breakfast. We learned that breakfast is the crucial part of our day. In this electric generation to cope with our busy lives, to make our lives easier many creative and innovative products are invented. The waffle maker is the revolutionary product that proves making breakfast now is simpler and faster. Pour the batter into the waffle maker and in no time; delicious breakfast is served.


There are many advantages for those who possess a waffle maker. These improvements are sure to make your days with the waffle maker more memorable and easier than you can imagine.

Makes you healthier:

Now, you all might be wondering as to how a waffle maker can make you healthier. Well, a waffle maker doesn’t require a lot of oil to give you tasty food, all you need is a light spray of cooking oil to prevent sticking.

Fewer chances of getting sick:

Utensils play a vital role in our kitchen, and we are prone to get sick if the tools aren’t cleaned thoroughly. When we use a waffle maker, we aren’t left with a greasy mess that demands a lot of our time for cleaning. You can clean it quickly to perfection.

A lot of Healthier options:

Most of the waffles we make are whole grain which reduces the risk of heart attacks. You can make your waffles healthier by adding more vegetables and even fruits giving a substantial increase in your overall health.

A broad range of shapes:

For those who live for experimenting and cooking like a pro. There are so many waffle makers to choose from. They come in different shapes giving you the chance to be more creative in the kitchen so you can bring out the chef hidden within you.

More than just waffles:

Don’t think even for a second that you can only make waffles with a waffle maker. A waffle maker makes your life easier and much better. Brownies, French toast, cookies, falafel waffles, apple chips and we can cook various other things in the waffle maker. All you have to do is take the time to explore and be creative.

Healthier Breakfast:

Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs with a side of bacon strips for an excellent breakfast? Cooking bacon the usual way requires a lot of oil and makes the pan so greasy that cleaning is a pain. Now that can be avoided by cooking bacon directly on the waffle maker giving you a healthier experience.

The aim of the invention of the waffle maker was for waffles, but we can see that there are many dishes can be cooked in the waffle maker saving you time, giving you a healthier choice, and making cleaning quicker and better. So, in the end buying a waffle maker can do you and your loved ones a lot of good. Be sure to explore and experiment to enrich your life.

Types of Waffle Makers

There are several types of waffle makers in the market. Waffle makers are classified as two types, A classic waffle maker, and Belgian style waffle maker. They come in several different shapes and sizes, depending on your use. There are bigger waffle irons that are used for commercial purposes like restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. There are also smaller size waffle makers which are primarily used for household purposes. The regular size waffle makers come in various models.


Waffle Makers come in vary in shapes, colors, materials, and types. It is better to explore and choose a waffle maker that can be used for more than one purpose. Here are a few types of waffle makers that are sure to enrich your waffle making experience.

Belgian Waffle Maker

There is the classic waffle maker and the Belgian waffle maker. We get Belgian waffles mostly in restaurants and cafes. Now you can make Belgian waffles at home. The difference between Belgian waffles and classic waffles is that the Belgian waffles have deeper pockets which are great for storing syrup. They are thinner and crispier when compared to traditional waffles.

Waffle Maker with removable plates

There is nothing better than buying an appliance that can do more than just one thing. Waffle Makers with removable plates can be used to make sandwiches or for making paninis. The best part about the removable plates is that cleaning becomes easier. The plates can be soaked in water removing all the unwanted bits of food in every nook and cranny.


Waffle Makers come in various shapes. The classic waffle maker has a circle shaped mould. There is also a rectangle shaped waffle maker. Some waffle makers come in shapes of cartoon characters, hearts, etc.


Waffle Makers come in both plastic and metal. The plastic ones are cheaper and have fewer coils. This might lead to uneven cooking of your waffle. If you want a decent waffle maker, it’s better to go for a metal waffle maker. The metal waffle makers are a bit expensive when compared to plastic waffle makers, but they cook waffles evenly due to the even distribution of heating coils.

Flip Waffle Maker

Many people who prefer the flip waffle maker rather than the traditional waffle maker. With the flip waffle maker, you can flip the waffle in the middle of cooking so that the waffle can be cooked evenly.

Double, triple or Quad Waffle Maker

These waffles makers are designed to make more than one waffle at a time saving you time. This type of waffle makers gives us the opportunity to eat waffles with our family at the same time. People who have a waffle maker that can make only one waffle at a time leave the waffles in the oven so that they stay warm. Quad Waffle Maker is the best as you can make four waffles at the same time.

Before you purchase a waffle maker, make sure to look at all the waffle makers available and choose one that serves your purpose within your budget.

Q&A :

Best waffle maker reviews collect some Q&A for you

– How do I know which is the Best Waffle Maker for me?

Before purchasing, list down the requirements – your family size which will determine whether single grid, or multi-grid waffle maker is needed; your average daily usage; whether you wish to have addition add-on features like sandwich grills.

– Does the waffle-maker have removable plates?

Grid plates which can be removed and cleaned are more easy to wash and also more hygienic.

– Does it have a Non-stick coating for the grid plate?

Again, it’s more easy to clean the oil and grease off. Otherwise the waffles will not get off easily.

– Do the plates give consistent and even heating?

The quality and mix of the batter does play a huge role in getting perfect golden-brown crispy waffles, but the even heating of the appliance is a major deciding force.

– Are adjustable heat options available?

There are many waffle makers on the market which come with easily adjustable thermostats for crisp quality preferences.

– Are indicators available?

The presence of indicators is a huge advantage in the kitchen – you don’t have to stand right next to the appliance till it’s done. Most modern waffle making appliances which come from 2016 have a digital display with indicators for showing when the machine is switched on, when the plates are heated and ready and when the waffles are cooked to required taste.

– Is it safe and easy to use?

The handles must be well insulated to prevent accidental heat burns. The casing too should come with adequate electric insulation.

Top 5 best waffle makers on the market

1. The Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian:

  • One of the best waffle makers available on the market, this stylish stainless steel machine has a unique and cool flip rotating working model, easy to buy and to use by anyone for home.
  • The flip model is now available on Amazon since 2016. It can rotate to 180 degrees allowing for a smooth and even spreading of the waffle batter, producing waffles made to crisp perfection on the exterior and chewy tender centres.
  • The waffle grid is deep enough to make 7” diameter waffles which can be cut into 4 sections quite simply. The non-stick inner grid Teflon coating makes for hassle-free cleaning and removing of waffles.
  • The modern sophisticated digital display unit features a timer for easy cooking based on the individual preferences – enjoy crispy yummy waffles in as short as 4 minutes’ time! The beep noise is loud and clear.
  • It can effortlessly be stored in a vertical position lock, thus saving space in your kitchen. It weighs just a mere 6 pounds, as light as air, and measures a small 12” by 12” with height 3”. Compact yet powerful.
  • This product has good user reviews and most of these consumers state this Presto waffle maker to be an excellent value for the money. It comes with an integrated one-year warranty from Presto Company.

2. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker:

  • The waffle maker from Cuisinart is a standard classic waffle producing machine, well established and well known on the market. Many consumers suggest this waffle maker to buy if you’re looking for an affordable and efficient product that gives good value for the money.
  • The Cuisinart classic comes with a two-light indicator display – one for showing the heat of the machine and the other for indicating readiness.
  • It also features 5 settings for controlling the amount of browning – light to dark golden brown- of the waffle based on your needs. It produces waffles of an average half inch thickness.
  • The classic round shaped grid is completely non-stick coated for ease of use and cleaning. It is split into four quarters for easy cutting after cooking. The heavy lid ensures no lifting up while in use.
    Rubber grips on the bottom give a steady no slip sturdiness and also ensure that no markings or scratches are left on the counter top.
  • No need to worry about extra kitchen space- this 5.8 pound 11”x8.5” machine can be stored on end. The electric cable can be wrapped around the bottom and stored neatly with no looseness – best for home use. An integrated 3-year warranty provides for any damages or defects.
  • For the money, this can be considered an excellent waffle maker with such ease of use and storage.

3. BLACK+DECKER G48TD 3-in-1 Waffle Maker & Indoor Grill/Griddle, Silver

  • This brilliant product from Black+Decker is pure genius packed into a silver steel body. It is not just a wonderful waffle maker but also an impeccable indoor grill and a griddle appliance thus a very useful one-time investment appliance for home – There is your base for value for the money!
    It’s now smooth transition from grilling breakfast sandwiches to scrambling fried eggs to making crunchy delicious waffles – versatile and flexible!
  • Controls are very easy to get a hang of – temperature can be controlled via the sharp temperature dial for the exact amount of heat needed for whichever dish being cooked at that moment. No more over-burnt or under-burnt foods!
  • The grill is extremely flexible and comes with channels on the outer edges to channel off any extra oil or butter, making your waffles healthy and tasty!
  • These grills are reversible – on one side is grid for making four waffles simultaneously. While on the flip side it becomes a two deck sandwich grill. The top folds into 2 square shaped griddles each of 8” dimension, to use for making pancakes or omelettes.
  • Easy wipe clean grill plates with non-stick coating – no sticky pans.
  • The appliance is housed in chrome with handles having insulated cool touch coatings to prevent accidental heat burns – perfect for home with children.
  • Can be stored easily too – it can be made upright.

4. BLACK+DECKER WM1404S Flip Waffle Maker, Silver

  • Another great kitchen appliance from the house of Black+Decker. This waffle maker has great product reviews in Amazon, owing to its accessibility and value for the money.
  • This waffle maker features a single and large circular shaped grid which can make one 1”Belgian waffle in one use.
  • The model can be made to rotate as it has a flip system. This makes for an even cooking of the waffle throughout.
  • A sharp indicator light shows when the waffle is cooked and done – no need to worry about burnt waffles anymore!
  • The handle comes with cool-touch insulation to prevent burns. Child-friendly for home.
    The absence of temperature control has no impact whatsoever on the good quality of this appliance . You get easy and fast light outer-crisp and inner-fluffy waffles at any time of the day.
    No need to worry about the cleaning and sticking of waffles to the grid, due to the presence of the non-stick coating, which is now ever-present in almost all models of 2016.
  • It weighs just 5.2 pounds and is extremely light-weight when compared with its competitors on the market.
  • All the consumers who bought this waffle maker give excellent reviews to its efficiency and quality.

5. T-fal SW6100 EZ

  • This waffle making appliance is a two-in-one system which facilitates the cooking of both waffles and sandwiches – very versatile, compact and good value for the money. Packed in a stylish and compact silver colour metal body, they are widely popular with a decent number of positive reviews.
  • The grid plates can be interchanged as per needs and requirements for home– waffle plates for golden crunchy waffles and the sandwich plates for cooking scrumptious pocket sandwiches at any given time.
  • This process of interchanging is very easy as the plates are cut to perfection with no fuss attach/detach mechanisms.
  • The presence of indicator lights makes the whole process even easier. It will flash when the appliance is switched on and also when the plates are heated up enough to cook.
  • Easy to clean and completely non-stick plates can be removed from the appliance and washed. This feature is loved by several customers as stated by them in their reviews; the plates are also dishwasher safe.
  • Very light in weight. It is amongst all its competitors on the market, the lightest waffle maker – weighing a small 4.5 pounds only. Vertical storage makes it clutter-free and compact. A limited single year warranty from T-fal provides for coverage under any manufacturing defect.

Conclusion of best waffle maker reviews:

It is of no surprise that waffles were and still are such a lovable favorite for breakfast almost all around the world, especially among the European countries, with Belgium in the lead.

The origin of the waffles can be traced back to first ever written recipe found in the late 14th century. The GE Company claims the pioneer status for the domestication of waffles with their invention of a waffle maker appliance for home that runs on electricity, it was until then a street- food. From tong held and cooked waffles to modern electric-heating-element cooked waffles with easily adjustable thermostats and indicators for readiness – it really has come a long way from ancient times with a lot of waffle makers readily available on the market and so easy to buy.

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  1. This made me see the waffle in a totally new light. I didn’t know that waffles had such a long history. And thank you so much for the cleaning bit, I always have trouble getting the last bits of batter out of my machine.

  2. I enjoy eating waffles. I have cast iron waffle maker and it is easy to use. I try to stay away from non-stick cooking vessels.

  3. Wow I love this. It’s enlightening.
    More about the kitchen.
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